Vacation Homes and Log Cabins

Vacation Homes and Log Cabins Download PDF eBook Vacation Homes and Log Cabins,

Utilizing 5 primary building methods: standard wood-frame, A-frame, pole-frame, concrete masonry, and log cabin, listed below are 16 full plans for cabins, trip properties, and low-cost everlasting properties.
Designed for financial system of fabric and labor and for effectivity and usefulness, the buildings vary from a 10′┬áby 14′ one-room cabin with entrance porch to a two-bedroom tenant home. Additionally included are plans for a three-room body cabin, 14′ by 18′ body cabin, 24′ by 24′ body cabin, 24′ by 24′ concrete-block cabin, two-bedroom body cabin with sleeping loft, 24′ by 36′ A-frame trip residence, all-purpose 24′ by 24′ A-frame cabin, two five-room log cabins, three-room log cabin, one-bedroom pole-frame cabin, one-room pole-frame cabin, and a two-bedroom body trip residence.
Previous every plan is a sketch of the completed constructing and a ground plan. Hints on building, supplies, location, and use are given in addition to various ground plans, heating and plumbing methods, doable installments and additions, strategies for roofing, siding, and many others.
These sixteen plans have been compiled by the Cooperative Farm Constructing Alternate. All the plans and buildings have been examined and authorised by the U.S. Division of Agriculture.

Download PDF eBook Vacation Homes and Log Cabins


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