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Travelaround the globe with this interesting collection

NEWLY RELEASED 2017 EDITION 50 stories take you on trips via Australia, Borneo, Brazil, Chile, England, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Nepal, Peru, Scotland, Siberia, South Africa, Spain, Sumatra, Tasmania, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and USA. 50 highlights involve you in even more fantastic experiences from around the world. Travel via time, cruise throughout seas, fly via the skies and browse land by public transportation, cars and truck and foot. This is an absorbing book that will certainly reside on in your memory.

Contributing writers, authors and poets

Ann Patras – Beth Haslam – Bob Manning – Charlotte Smith – Cinda Brooks – Doug E. Jones – Elizabeth Moore – Fran Macilvey – Francene Stanley – Frank Kusy – Gareth Nixon – Graham Higson – Heather Hackett – Helen Chambers – Jackie Parry – Jacky Donovan – Jean Gill – Jeremy Parris – Jill Dobbe – Jill Stoking – John Rayburn – Judian TJ Cooney – Judy Testard Bauer – Julie Haigh – Kelly Reising – Lin Middleton – Lisa Fleetwood – Lucinda E. Clarke – Maretha Botha – Mark Boyter – Matthew Dexter – Mike Cavanagh – Nancy McBride – Phil Canning – Philippa Hawley – Richard Klein – Robert Fear – Robyn Boswell – Sandra Staas – Sarah Jane Butfield – Shirley Ledlie – Stewart Brennan – Susan Brown – Susan Joyce – Syd Blackwell – Tony James Slater – Val Vassay

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