The Comprehensive Guide to Parkinson’s Disease

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THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO PARKINSON’S DISEASE, which is absolutely referenced all through, is by far essentially the most complete and in depth book regarding Parkinson’s Disease.

SECTION 1 HISTORY OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE : Chapter 1 (The historical past of Parkinson’s Disease – contains descriptions of it in historic India, historic China, the Bible, historic Greece, historic Rome, in medieval historical past, and throughout the 16th, 17th, 18th and up to date centuries), Chapter 2 (Well-known individuals with Parkinson’s Disease)

SECTION 2 PREVALENCE OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE : Chapter three (Prevalence of Parkinson’s Disease – the world’s highest prevalence, the world’s lowest prevalence, prevalence charges by nation, incidence charges by nation, age distribution, gender variations, and occupational variations)

SECTION three BIOCHEMISTRY OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE : Chapter four (Dopamine biosynthesis), Chapter 5 (Coenzyme biosynthesis), Chapter 6 (Iron metabolism), Chapter 7 (Zinc metabolism), Chapter eight (Manganese metabolism), Chapter 9 (Dopamine receptors), Chapter 10 (G proteins), Chapter 11 (Dopamine receptor phosphoprotein)

SECTION four CYTOLOGY OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE : Chapter 12 (Dopaminergic neurons), Chapter 13 (Cytological results – superoxide anion, neuromelanin formation, iron accumulation, the buildup of alpha-synuclein, and the formation of Lewy our bodies)

SECTION 5 ANATOMY OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE : Chapter 14 (Dopaminergic neuronal teams), Chapter 15 (Anatomical results – on every system within the physique)

SECTION 6 PHYSIOLOGY OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE : Chapter 16 (Dopaminergic pathways), Chapter 17 (Physiological results – on every system within the physique)

SECTION 7 SYMPTOMS OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE (signs, prevalence, causes of signs) : Chapter 18 (Major signs), Chapter 19 (Symptom development), Chapter 20 (Muscular system), Chapter 21 (Nervous system), Chapter 22 (Alimentary system), Chapter 23 (Urinary system), Chapter 24 (Cardiovascular system), Chapter 25 (Respiratory system), Chapter 26 (Skeletal system), Chapter 27 (Integumentary system), Chapter 28 (Sensory system), Chapter 29 (Endocrine system), Chapter 30 (Reproductive system), Chapter 31 (Immune system)

SECTION eight DIAGNOSIS OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE : Chapter 32 (Observational strategies), Chapter 33 (Technological strategies), Chapter 34 (Chemical strategies)

SECTION 9 CAUSES OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE : Chapter 35 (Biochemical causes), Chapter 36 (Poisonous causes – the chemistry, widespread sources, technique of toxicity, signs of every of the poisonous causes), Chapter 37 (Genetic causes – the gene, chromosome, biochemical perform, kind of inheritance, signs, prevalence, genetic assessments for every of the 40 identified genetic causes), Chapter 38 (Pharmacological causes – their pharmacology, antagonistic results, causes of signs of all of the pharmacological causes), Chapter 39 (Medical causes – the pathophysiology, signs, causes of signs of all of the medical problems that may trigger Parkinson’s Disease signs)

SECTION 10 TREATMENTS OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE (their pharmacology, biochemistry, efficacy, antagonistic results) : Chapter 40 (Biochemical remedy), Chapter 41 (L-dopa), Chapter 42 (Dopamine agonists), Chapter 43 (MAO inhibitors), Chapter 44 (COMT inhibitors), Chapter 45 (Anti-cholinergics), Chapter 46 (Non-dopaminergic), Chapter 47 (Surgical therapies), Chapter 48 (Pure therapies), Chapter 49 (Train strategies), Chapter 50 (Technological strategies)

APPENDIX : Appendix 1 (Parkinson’s Disease organisations), Appendix 2 (Parkinson’s Disease internet sites), Appendix three (Parkinson’s Disease nursing books)

Download PDF eBook The Comprehensive Guide to Parkinson’s Disease


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