Seductions of Rice: A Cookbook

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With a deepness of interest as well as experience, as well as a capability to share as well as accept splendor of location as well as preference, the writers of the groundbreaking Flatbreads as well as Flavorsas well as the later acclaimed Hot Sour Salty Sweetstarted a significant trip to locate the globe’s most enjoyable as well as important food. Along the road, they experienced direct loads of selections of rice, supplying inconceivable nuances of preference, along with an astonishing range of foods to accompany them, all giving a basic means to obtain taste as well as range on the table.

Seductionsof Riceis the wonderful outcome: 2 hundred easy-to-prepare meals from the globe’s terrific rice foods, lit up by tales, understandings, as well as greater than 2 hundred pictures of individuals, locations, as well as remarkable food. Valued meals– Chinese stir-frys, Spanish paellas, Japanese sushi, Indian thorans, Thai salads, Turkish pilafs, Italian risottos– are shared not equally as dishes, however as classic practices.

Seductionsof Ricewill certainly transform the means we consume, the means we prepare as well as value our food. It’s as very easy as placing a pot of rice on prepare!

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