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From a difficult 37- hr battle with a Pacific salmon to the maimed angler whose cut thumb showed up in the tummy of a Mackinaw trout. From remarkable marlin pursuits to hair-raising stories of “fish captures male,” below are fishing’s 80 most stunning as well as unforeseeable stories. To obtain them, Shaun Morey-an obsessed angler as well as long-lived tale collector-traveled from Alaska to Australia, Mexico, as well as the Caribbean to talk to fishermens, watercraft captains, witnesses as well as overviews; to collect photos, as well as to verify each story. You’ll review Captain Jimmy Lewis that, momentarily of large blowing (or madness), speared by hand-and landed-a 1,600- extra pound hammerhead shark. Or Bob Smith, satisfying his twenty-year pursuit to capture all forty types of North America’s wild trout on the bitter chilly early morning after his eighty-first birthday celebration. Or the 800- extra pound blue marlin that made a last lunge-ripping up the deck as well as dragging a chair, with Paul Clause strapped in it, to the base of the sea. (Paul made it through; so did the marlin.) Reality is complete stranger compared to fiction.
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