Way To Soon: Second in the Way Too Far series (Volume 2)

Way To Soon: Second in the Way Too Far series (Volume 2)WayTo Soon: Second in the Way Too Far series (Volume 2) – The second publication in the Way Too Farseries A modern spin on Romeo and also Juliet. Love that has no bounds. Disaster that has no end. 2 feuding households whose lies and also tricks will certainly tear the enthusiasts apart. * * * After Anne’s daddy endangers Scott, informing him to keep away from his little girl or the effects will certainly be alarming, Anne goes back to university, alone and also heartbroken. She concentrates on completing the term and also on preparing herself to execute the function of a life time– Juliet in Romeo and also Juliet. Neither Scott neither Anne are able to remain away from each various other for long, and also quickly they locate themselves in an intense warm, prohibited event. Their happiness is quickly impure and also tricks do not last permanently. When Anne’s rapist is launched from jail, he follows her, promising to eliminate the female that placed him behind bars. Scott supplies his defense, however not also he could secure Anne from a twisted and also harmful offender that is established on having his vengeance. When the 2 feuding households fulfill, and also Anne’s daddy understands Scott and also Anne have actually been dating behind his back, Anne locates herself in the center of a recurring battle, needing to select in between her moms and dads and also the male she likes.

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