The Art of the Japanese Garden

The Art of the Japanese GardenTheArt of the Japanese Garden ** Winner of the 2006 American Horticultural Society Book Award **

TheArt of the Japanese Gardenis the just historic introduction of Japanese yards that covers Japanese horticulture society in one stunning book.

Japaneseyards are rooted in 2 practices: an aboriginal primitive practice where spots of graveled woodland or pebbled coastline were devoted to nature spirits, and also a custom from China and also Korea that consisted of aspects such as fish ponds, streams, falls, rock make-ups and also a selection of plant life. TheArt of the Japanese Gardentraces the advancement and also mixing of these 2 practices, along with the addition of brand-new functions as horticulture got to brand-new elevations of refinement on Japanese dirt.

300full-color Japanese garden images and also photos highlight significant yards in Japan, consisting of graveled yards, very early stylish yards, heavy and also heaven yards, Zen yards, warrior yards, tea yards and also walk yards. Consisted of are areas on contemporary fads and also Japanese yards in various other nations.

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