DIRK (Dirk’s Pack Book 2)

DIRK (Dirk's Pack Book 2) Download PDF eBook DIRK (Dirk’s Pack Book 2), Dirk does not let anybody get shut, particularly girls. He has a accountability to his pack;hold them secure, wholesome and comfortable, even on the expense of his personal happiness.

Solely authentic members of the pack keep in mind the outdated Dirk, the comfortable Dirk. Having misplaced his mate and baby, he is a shell of who he was and has been grumpy and bitter because it occurred.

When a neighboring pack chief’s daughter calls him, begging for his assist, the unwritten wolf code will not let him say no.

When he finds out she’s been abused, and is pregnant, he feels obligated to guard her in any respect prices. Nearly irrationally so.

Igniting a spark inside him that he thought was useless, Dirk wonders why this wolf is so particular. Nevertheless, what he does know, is that he is ready to battle to the loss of life to guard her.

When the youthful, stronger wolf, who has been threatening each packs reveals as much as problem him for the woman, Dirk is in for the battle of his life.

warning: this brief story comprises scenes meant for readers 18+

Creator’s Observe: DIRK could be learn as a stand-alone brief story, or as Book 2 within the Dirk’s Pack Collection. Bonus shifter book included!

Bonus Shifter Book Included!

Download PDF eBook DIRK (Dirk’s Pack Book 2)


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