Bring Me Back (Forever Book 1)

Bring Me Back (Forever Book 1) Download PDF eBook Bring Me Back (Without end Book 1), “Quick-paced, horny, and altogether irresistible. A flat-out fabulous learn!”—NY Occasions Bestselling writer Celia Rivenbark.

He’s 6’four” of horny British music legend. Twenty years in the past, she was his adoring fan. Now her profession will depend on unlocking his secrets and techniques, however he is about to unlock her coronary heart.

It is greater than a fortunate break when music journalist Claire Abby lands a Rolling Stone cowl story with British rock star Christopher Penman. Claire spent her teenage years fantasizing he was her boyfriend. In particular person, Chris is all the pieces Claire feared—off-the-charts horny, ridiculously charming, and totally nerve-wracking. He isn’t about to debate the rumors he’s dodged for a decade. She should earn his belief and unearth the reality, however she by no means banked on the heartbreaking secret behind it.

His blockbuster story is her first precedence when she returns residence, an almost inconceivable activity when Christopher begins calling and flirting. There isn’t any denying his wit or his buttery British accent…and as soon as she agrees to see him, It is past something her teenage mind ever imagined. However when Christopher’s painful previous repeats itself, can Claire save the person she might always remember?

Download PDF eBook Bring Me Back (Without end Book 1)


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