Better Memory Now: Memory Training Tips to Creatively Learn Anything Quickly

Better Memory Now: Memory Training Tips to Creatively Learn Anything Quickly Download PDF eBook Better Memory Now: Memory Training Tips to Creatively Learn Anything Quickly, Why you Must Get the BETTER MEMORY NOWby Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel: Memory Training Tips to Creatively Learn Anything Quickly, Improve Memory, as well as Ability to FocusBook to assist you with your institution researches, service, social, as well as individual life, RIGHT NOW! **FreeGift ** Better Memory Now Video Series > You’re assured to see a remarkable memory enhancement in your capacity to remember as well as keep in mind all kind of details consisting of institution product for pupils, service details for specialists, names as well as encounters, memory competitors product for memory professional athletes, as well as much more if you adhere to the basic to learn 3 Step AE Mind Memory System! > Luis Angel went from having ADD as well as memory troubles to completing in numerous International Memory Competitions and also as component of Team USA on the planet Memory Championship. He additionally trained the AE Mind Memory Team to a Gold Medal in the 2014 USA Memory Championship in among the occasions! When you GET THIS BOOK TODAY, You will certainly be gaining from among America’s Top Memory Coaches just how to use the imaginative memory strategies that the leading memory professional athletes utilize in order to utilize remember any kind of details quickly! Here are the Chapters in the book: SECTION I– THE AE MIND MEMORY SYSTEM Ch 1– HI! My name is Luis Angel as well as My Memory Sucked! Ch 2– Location Ch 3– Visualize Ch 4– Review SECTION II– POSITIVE MIND FOR SUCCESS Ch 5– Mindset Ch 6– Goals, Block Time, as well as Scheduling Ch 7– Focus as well as Health SECTION III– MEMORY TRAINING Ch 8– More Locations = More Storage Ch 9– Names as well as Faces Ch 10– Numbers: The Basics Ch 11– Numbers: Double Digits Ch 12– Everyday Memory– Grocery Lists, Placed Keys, Parked Car, Street Names as well as Directions, Appointments as well as Important Dates Ch 13– Accelerated Learning as well as Education– Vocabulary Words, Reading as well as Comprehension, Give Speeches, Learn New Languages, Memorize Presidents, Memorize Table of Elements, as well as much more … Section IV– MEMORY ATHLETES Ch 14– Memory Competitions Ch 15– Cards Ch 16– Words Ch 17– Numbers: Binary, New System, as well as Dates Ch 18– Names as well as Faces: Competition In How to Win as well as Influence People, Dale Carnegie states, “Remember that an individual’s name is to that individual the sweetest as well as essential audio in any kind of language.” I will certainly stroll you via real instances with faces as well as names to assist you with this all as well vital job of bearing in mind the names of individuals that you fulfill. As you will certainly learn in this book, all the leading memory professional athletes will certainly inform you that The Key to MEMORIZATION is VISUALIZATION!Your mind discovers ideal when it could SEEthe details that it desires to remember when it utilizes it’s creative imagination to keep in mind the provided product. Who is this Book For: Business Professionals: Managers, Realtors, Attorneys, Doctors, Psychologist, Anyone in a management function as well as anybody that desires to see a rise in their sales service by making an unforgettable effect on your customers. Entertainment: Casting, TELEVISION Host, Actors, Directors, etc Education: Professors, Administrators, Principals, Students, etc MemoryAthletes: Anyone that desires to contend in a memory competitors If you desire to Improve Your Memory as well as Ability to Focus in Any Capacity, Then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

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