A Monk Swimming

A Monk Swimming Download PDF eBook A Monk Swimming, Slapped with a libel swimsuit after an look on a chat present, Malachy McCourt crows, “If they may solely see me now within the slums of Limerick, a giant shot, sued for 1,000,000. Bejesus, is not America a fantastic and fantastic nation?” His older brother Frank’s Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir, Angela’s Ashes, took its somber tone from the awful ambiance of these slums, whereas Malachy’s boisterous recollections are fueled by his zestful appreciation for the alternatives and oddities of his place of origin.

He and Frank had been born in Brooklyn, moved with their dad and mom to Eire as youngsters, then returned to the States as adults. This book covers the last decade 1952-63, when Malachy roistered throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, however spent most of his time in New York Metropolis. There his prepared wit and fast tongue gained him an performing job with the Irish Gamers, a semiregular stint on The Tonight Present hosted by Jack Paar, and friendships with some well-heeled, well-born sorts who shared his fondness for saloon life and bankrolled him in an East Aspect saloon which will have been the primary singles bar. He chronicles these events–and many others–with back-slapping bonhomie.

Though McCourt acknowledges the non-public demons that pursued him from his poverty-stricken childhood and destroyed his first marriage, that is on the entire an exuberant autobiography that pays tribute to the thrill of a freewheeling life.McCort

Download PDF eBook A Monk Swimming


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